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Dellorto  PHBH  Clamp-on  Carburetor  26mm,  28mm,  30mm

Dellorto PHBH clamp-on carburetor available in your choice of 26mm, 28mm and 30mm sizes. Carb is a clamp-on style with a 35mm ID nylon insulator sleeve. Great modern replacement carb for 2 & 4 stroke 175-500cc motorcycles. These modern replacement carbs come with light weight black plastic float bowl, carb top and fuel banjo. Metal float bowls and fuel banjos available separately. Please select the carb size you want from the pull down menu.

NOTE: These universal fitment 2 or 4 stroke carbs will need to be re-jetted to your individual motorcycle. If you are not willing to go through the re-jetting process then this this isn't for you !!. Carbs are non-returnable if used. Tuning guide & jets available separately.

On DUCATI bevel singles we suggest replacing the the flip up choke with the cable operated choke and 70 degree angled elbow kit. Carbs will fit on stock Diana/Mk3 29mm manifolds but will have a slightly tilted angle to them. If you need to buy a intake manifold we recommend our "B" manifold for more frame clearance.